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The Mystical Moonstone

Found throughout the world, moonstone has long been treasured for its enigmatic luster and connections to the moon. But what powers does this crystalline gem actually wield? In this post, we'll dive deeper into moonstone's renowned properties, mythical roots, and how incorporating it can amplify your intuitive gifts, dreams and well-being.

The Magic of Adularescence

Moonstone's defining feature is its mesmerizing sheen called adularescence, resembling an inner moon-glow. This optical phenomenon occurs due to moonstone's micro-twinned crystal structure, producing subtle opalescent flashes within its translucent blue-white body as light reflects off fiber optic-like inclusions. Its trance-inducing gleam inspired moonstone's widespread symbolism linking to the phases and intuitive feminine energies of our lunar satellite.

Ancient Legends and Modern Meanings

Handed down through folklore, moonstone was thought to strengthen prophetic dreams, enhance psychic visions and protect travelers at night, perhaps due to how its light diffusion parallels the moon's. Ancient Sri Lankans carved it for deities, believing it guarded wombs. Romans used moonstone amulets to ward off negative spells and calm tempestuous emotions. Today, moonstone is still seen to aid rest, spirit communication through dreams, intuition, motivation and achieving equilibrium in both moods and water retention in the body.

Ormiro Moon and Star Lariat Necklace
Ormiro Moon and Star Lariat Necklace

Ways to Work With Moonstone

There are multiple ways to access moonstone's mystical attributes:

  • Wear as jewelry to soak up its soothing energies throughout the day
  • Place under your pillow at night
  • Keep moonstone by your bed for enhanced recall of prophetic nocturnal visions
  • Carry a tumble in your pocket for confidence boosts during social interactions
  • Display on an altar or dresser to attract lunar blessings into your living space
  • Hold while meditating to strengthen intuition and psychic openings
  • Incorporate into self-care routines like crystal facials for balanced complexion
  • Hold over the third eye, crown or throat during the full moon for amplification

Pair With Other Crystals

For increased effects, pair moonstone with crystals that enhance similar properties. Citrine assists motivation, selenite uplifts the ethereal plane, labradorite magnifies intuition already stimulated by moonstone on its own. Perform cleansings as needed in moonlight to recharge the stone with its namesake's enduring mystique.

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